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iON 2021


"We don’t just use technology, we breathe technology."
Indraprastha truly believes that we must advance ourselves with the changing times, especially in the field of education and technology. Technology has been the game changer and our saviour that has enabled the wonderful teaching-learning process to continue with flying colours. We successfully conducted our mega techno event the iON Tech Fest 2021 – Journey to Tech Galaxy - Valedictory Ceremony on August 26, 2021 at 1:00 pm organized by Tech Mobius (IT Department) of Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.
The mega event iON 2021 - Journey to Tech Galaxy was based on Sustainable Development Goal 9 – Industries Innovation and Infrastructure, as we believe that infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development.
The event was graced by respected Director Sir, Senior Headmistress Ma’am, Primary Headmistress ma’am, Chief Guest - Prof Hema Banati, other dignitaries! We had over 60 schools participating in iON this year. Over 1000 students competing in 14 amazing and engaging events from e-poster making to using photoshop skills, from creating games to playing games, from photography to video editing, iON 2021 had everything. The winners were felicitated for their extraordinary efforts, followed by the announcement for the Rolling Trophy, won by Delhi Public School, Sec-45, Gurgaon.
Indraprastha thanks each and every school and participant for making iON 2021 a grand success. We’ll be back next year with many more innovative techno events, till then, stay calm and stay techie!


Investiture Ceremony 2021

"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." - Ronald Reagan


Indraprastha believes that it is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities, and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Student leadership development helps create skills that the students can carry over to adulthood. Indraprastha, with its motto, ‘Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child,’ gives the golden opportunity to every student to prove their mettle and rise against all obstacles as a leader every year. The Investiture Ceremony 2021 was a great success, with Vivek Maggo from XII AIII and Paakhi Baranwal from XII BII leading the school with Head Boy and Head Girl titles for the session 2021-22. Many students were bestowed upon with the distinguished titles of respective President, Vice-Presidents for several school societies like, the Literary Society, Debating Society, Cultural Society, etc.

At Indraprastha, leadership is a skill for life, and we ensure all students have regular opportunities to be involved and strengthen their skills. We sincerenly take pride in our young leaders and are certain that they will do justice to their respective posts as the leaders of today.


Ignited Minds 2021

We, at Indraprastha International School, believe that it is important to challenge our students intellectually as it is to prepare them to face challenges. In today‘s challenging milieu it becomes imperative to provide a platform to every child that is not restricted to academic arena but is much beyond. The Primary Wing successfully hosted a Virtual Inter-School Event –Ignited Minds, 2021 - a zealous endeavor to bolster the young minds to showcase creativity, knowledge and zest in the most innovative ways in myriad activities. The event received an overwhelming response from 88 prestigious schools from Delhi and other states. It was heartening to see more than 1980 students unleash their creativity. The event culminated on August 6, 2021 with a Valedictory Ceremony witnessed virtually by more than 200 academicians and dignitaries. The mega event was initiated by the lighting of the lamp, Guru Vandana and Shloka were rendered to invoke the blessing of the almighty. The Headmistress of the Primary Wing Ms. Shalu Kapoor, welcomed the gathering. The afternoon was made magical by the musical notes played by the talented artists of the Primary Wing. The choir enthralled the viewers with its heart-warming song followed by a soul stirring rendition presented by the young talent. The mentor and the guiding light of the school, Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, Indraprastha group of Schools, motivated the audience with his soulful speech. The much-awaited results of the various events were declared amidst much excitement. The ceremony was brought to close with the vote of thanks rendered by the Montessori Coordinator Ms. Neetu Sethi.


Quit India Movement  Day

“Non-violence is a weapon of the strong.”- Mahatma Gandhi
Indraprastha believes in giving roots to the children to be strong in their ethics and wings to fly with the head held high. Patriotism is the core value imbibed in every child. To invoke the spirit of nationalism among the children, Class V of the Primary Wing of Indraprastha International School, Dwarka, celebrated the Quit India Movement Day on August 8 to earmark the protest initiated by Mahatma Gandhi on August 8, 1942, to end the British rule in India. Children designed posters to reverberate the supreme sacrifices made by our leaders . Each poster spoke of the courage and optimism shown by them to achieve freedom.


Sports Day

" Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

We, at Indraprastha truly believe that sports are an integral part of physical well being. The students of classes MONT. & II presented a virtual sports day on 5th February, 2021. Various fun-filled races and drills were presented by the students. They participated wholeheartedly and understood the importance of being fit and healthy under the dedicated guidance of their mentors. The students showcased various drills on Aerobics , Skating , Yoga , Taekwondo ,  Drool 'n' Dribble with a ball , Swoop the Hoopla Hoop. Various races were conducted at the Inter and Inter-class levels - Swagger Jagger ( Jumping Jacks ), Jiggle Wiggle Around the Waist, Comet Skippers (Skipping Count ), Stack the Pyramid, Squishy Feet ( Shoe & Socks Race ), Penguin Paddle, Knock Down the Bottles, Toss the Paper( Wriggle Jiggle). The students participated enthusiastically in the races and left the audience spellbound by displaying their highest level of energy and excitement.


Celebrating 72nd Republic Day

On 25th January, 2021, the students of Indraparstha International School celebrated a virtual Republic Day with great patriotic fervor. The function commenced with the hoisting of the national flag by Dr Rajesh Hassija, Director, Indraparstha International School. This was followed by the rendering of the national anthem. The school’s Principal Ms. Urmimala Sudhakar, addressed the students, motivating and applauding them for their resilience and ‘never say never’ spirit displayed throughout the lockdown. The talented students under the guidance and mentorship of the faculty displayed their oratory, artistic, aesthetic, dramatic and musical skills through various items like poetry recitation, dance performance, speeches and a ballet. These patriotism-inspired performances truly set everyone’s spirits high.

Director, Indraparstha International School, Dr Rajesh Hassija, applauded the students for their hard-work and dedication and wished each student freedom of thought, expression and action. Indraparstha International School always believes in inculcating positive values in the students by creating an environment for the same. Celebration of such occasions overcoming all odd during the lockdown period is a positive step in this direction.



The Primary Wing hosted the Virtual Inter-School Event –Ignited Minds, 2020 in the month of August. There were 10 events organized wherein more than 500 students from 50 prestigious schools from Delhi/NCR unleashed their creativity.


International Day of Yoga

Since 2015, June 21 has been celebrated globally as the International Day of Yoga. The theme for the sixth edition of International Yoga Day 2020 is, ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family’.
Yoga enhances our quest for a healthier planet. It has emerged as a force for unity and deepens the bonds of humanity. It does not discriminate. It goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith and nations. Anybody can embrace yoga. On this day, Team Indraprastha, Dwarka, wish eveyone a happy and healthy Yoga Day!

Literary Characters Come Alive

                                    A Book is a gift you can open again and again.                                     –Garrison Keillor

We lose ourselves in books yet it is there only that we find ourselves. The gripping story line enraptures us as we delve into a fictional world.  It is the spooky mystical characters which bring the story alive. These characters are the lifeline of a child’s imaginary world. They are the heart and soul of a great literature.

The Sunny Saturday morning of 2nd May 2020, opened the portals to a child’s world of imagination through an online enactment competition-Literary Characters Come Alive!  hosted by the Primary Wing of the  Indraprastha International School,Dwarka.

From Rumplestiltskin to the Mad Hatter, the   students of class V  from all the branches of Indraprastha School  dished out a lavish and   breath- taking spectacle where their beloved characters came to life . The mesmerizing renditions and beguiling performances scooped appreciations- not just from the judges, but from everyone present there. The performances truly showcased the efforts put in by the students and especially by the parents who had prepared their children at home – at ground zero, with online support from our teachers.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr Rajesh Hassija (Managing Director, Indraprastha Schools) who never ceases to steer the way and constantly motivates the entire team. The competition concluded with admirations for the little ones by Mr A Khan, (Principal, Indraprastha Global School, Noida)

The result is a compilation of judgment of all the adjudicators. Heartiest congratulations to the winners and commendations for all the participants for putting up an impeccable show.


​QUIZ 2020

“Keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things. Your curiosity will lead you to the path of success.”     - Sir Walt Disney

Much like charity begins at home, health, hygiene and sanitation begin with us .With the increase in health risks to humans, it has become very important to stay hygienic. The lack of hygiene in the world has played a vital role in triggering several chronic diseases. It has become mandatory to fight the war of hygiene in order to provide a healthy world to our future generations. This habit of hygiene needs to be developed from a younger age. The children need to be taught the importance of both personal hygiene and healthy diet. With these thoughts as the force within, Indraprastha International School hosted an “Online General Knowledge Quiz”, on the topic-Health, Hygiene and Diet for the students of classes VIII and IX on Apr 11, 2020.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of Indraprastha World School and Indraprastha Global School in the presence of Dr Rajesh Hassija(Director, Indraprastha International School) and Heads of all the branches. The scions of today are adapting well to the nuances of technology to which the success of “Inter school Virtual Events” and regular classes stands witness to. The contested participation led to a tie and the answer to the tie-breaker marked Team International as the winner. The laudable efforts of all the participants have been appreciated by way of E-certificates by the host.

Ms Urmimala Sudhakar , (Addl Principal, Indraprastha International School) thanked and congratulated everyone for their support and participation . The event was conducted successfully and Indraprastha International School once more acknowledges and appreciates the unconditional support of all its stakeholders.