Education in today’s world is one quality which defines a nation. We, at Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL believe that the purpose of education is to arouse the creative perceptions in a child, nurture the latent talent and instil courage and confidence empowered with knowledge, innovation and intelligence to enable her/him to steadily navigate through the perilous global terrain strewn with challenges. School is the first stepping stone to formal education. It is here that a child imbibes values, combined with sound knowledge and skills which equip her/him with all pre-requisites, to accept all challenges of life with conviction and a positive attitude.


We stand committed to provide comprehensive education, keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and open opportunities for the development of different facets of the child’s personality. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavours to help each child discover and develop her/his innate talents and abilities. It seeks to instil in the children good habits, positive attitude and values.


The rich, holistic environment and state-of-the-art facilities at Indraprastha nurture creativity and critical thinking abilities in each child. The latest educational aids and equipments and the new approaches & methods give the children an impetus to explore, learn and achieve. Every child at Indraprastha receives special attention of teachers which truly inculcates confidence, self-esteem and dignity in each one of them. The learning process in our student-friendly, child-centred, inclusive school, helps them to chase their dreams and shapes them to be socially responsible, morally upright and productive citizens of this world.


Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives