At Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL our motto ‘Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child’ focuses on the holistic development of our students. A large variety of club options are offered to the students to hone their talent and provide a platform for creative expression.

The club system of the school promotes the qualities of leadership and peer skills among the students.  It comprises the Club In charges and their team of students. The clubs organize various activities like debates, quiz competitions, trips and excursions and a wide range of sporting events. Some of the clubs at school are the Aryabhatta Club, the Environmental Science Club, the  Robotics Club, the Animation Club, Art and Craft Club and Home Science Club to name a few. Added to these are the wide plethora of sports clubs like Swimming, Yoga, Football, Basketball, Chess, Skating and Taekwondo. The club periods are a time of bonhomie along with fun and learning for the students. Students gain knowledge the fun way and it greatly enhances the classroom teaching of the students.


Photography Club

Students are introduced to the ‘photo-world’. They are taught about various types of cameras, lenses, angles through which they can capture different exposure settings and make compositions using varied techniques, training them even further to shoot short videos.


Robotics Club

The club gives first hand training to the students about Robotics of different levels. Students are imparted in-depth knowledge about the IRC open League and about creating ID as a maker’s login. Videos of different models are discussed encouraging students to bring forth their innovative ideas for inventing new robots. They use the ROBOG3 software and its basic program structure.


Electronics Club

The electronics club aims to support and strengthen the electronics curriculum of the students and train them to use kits of different stages – the Beginners kit and the Rookie Stage Kit.  They are taught step by step the usage of tools in the Beetle Kit and the Soldering Kit. Being a member of this club the students are able to develop a questioning and analytical mind set which helps them to build upon the – DO IT YOURSELF Electronics Kit .


Health and Wellness Club (Road Safety and First Aid)

The students learn about the relevance of the different types of components of Physical Education, Health Hazards, Planning of Health Education, Physical Fitness, First-aid and Road Safety. They are allowed to give their view points and analyze the importance of health and wellness in order to have a disease-free life.


Sports Clubs- (Football, Skating, Basketball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Taekwondo Yoga and Chess)

The objective of the sports clubs is to train students and introduce them to varied skills which in turn help them to master the game. All the players are taught to set the pace, to relax and be flexible, to keep everything positive and understand the fundamentals of the game. The Sports clubs provide each player plenty of opportunities to hone their sporting skills.


Music Club

At Indraprastha music teaches the students to connect to their inner core, thus expressing through musical notes. The objective of the music clubs is to teach the students the basic classical subjects and explore the modern and traditional ‘ragas’ by learning related songs which are sometimes melodiously self composed by the club members.


Art and Craft Club

Through artistic expressions the aesthetic sense of the students is enhanced and co-related with the natural environment. They gain knowledge about various artists like Picasso and Romero Britto. They build upon colour themes, concepts, geometrical patterns and artistic schemes. Students learn to make the perfect combinations/compositions using various mediums of art.


Kalakriti Club

The Kalakriti club aims in leading children to have a positive experience and develop imagination, emotional intelligence, concentration, discipline, open-mindedness and problem solving ability. The activities help them to think constructively, utilizing waste material and putting together useful innovative creations.


Programming and Animation Club

Students are introduced to programming languages in this club. They are also able to work using basic tags taught to them in HTML. Being a part of this club, the students build on their thinking, problem solving, creative and ICT Skills.


Aryabhatta and Mathemagic Club

The main objective of this club is to cultivate a positive and scientific approach towards mathematics and to strengthen the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem solvers. This club helps to identify the talent and foster a love for mathematics. Students learn to appreciate the precise and aesthetic concept of mathematics and understand its role in human affairs. The analytical skills of the students are enhanced which in turn helps them to train for future careers in an innovative and competitive society.


Eco Club (Green Thumbs)

The club aims at creating awareness on low carbon practices and sustainable life styles by involving students to develop support for environmental protection in order to make the world a better place. The students are trained to sensitize people towards conservation of energy and the wise use of power. The students are also encouraged to be eco friendly, to segregate waste, to conserve water (becoming Jalrakshaks) and work towards the vision of the Prime Minister ‘Clean India- Green India’ campaign.


United Nations Club (MUN)

The objective of the United Nations Club is to understand the history and operation of the United Nations. They reflect and critically discuss matters of importance and eventually are trained to participate in ‘Model United Nations’ events which gives an effective simulation to them. They learn about diplomacy and international relations via teamwork, group cooperation, conflict resolution, negotiation, consensus building, critical thinking and public speaking.


English and Hindi Literary Club

The aim of the club is to help the students acquire better communication skills , develop interest in the language, its listening, speaking and writing perceptions. The student’s exhibit shows conviction and confidence through various activities like Turn-Coat, Extempore, Ad-making, Reporting, Radio and Talk-shows etc.


English and Hindi Theatre Mask Club (Nukkad –Natak):

The students are introduced to various forms of Drama. They are able to organize their thoughts and present them meaningfully in tragic and comic roles. Various activities like enactment of characters, dialogue delivery, role plays and presentation of advertisements help them to build upon their acting skills, expressions and voice modulations.


Quiz Club:

The aim of this club is to give information to each child with the help of newspapers and videos which enables them to attain ‘Greater Knowledge’. Students also collect information related to current affairs and share the same by conducting Quiz sessions.


Science Wizards Clubs (Newton’s Science):

The objective of this club is to communicate the scientific ideas, principles and practical experiences accurately in a variety of ways. The students acquire knowledge about the basic facts of science and its applications consistent with the stage of cognitive development. They nurture the natural curiosity, aesthetic sense and creativity with practical know-how ready to face the ‘modern world of work’ tomorrow.


Home Science Club

The mission of this club is to provide the students with an opportunity to discover their ‘culinary and craft’ skills. The students are encouraged to develop their talent in creative hand work and non-fire cooking with innovative decorations. They develop new skills of entrepreneurship with a futuristic approach.


Dance Club

The Dance club aims to introduce various styles of dance that have been left unexplored forming a team to train for traditional and modern forms of dance. Opportunities are provided to improve the dance skills of students through constant encouragement. Students are imparted basic understanding of collaboration in the creative process through participation and reflection, developing a multifaceted physicality through training in dance techniques. The club members develop awareness and technical and expressive skills so that they can communicate confidently and creatively through movement, chorographic and performance skills eventually leading them to appreciate all forms of dance.


Interact Club

The Interact Club at Indraprastha is an initiative to inculcate the values of generosity, sharing and being sensitive towards the society as a whole. The vision statement of the club is ‘Service for all’ and a promise of providing yeoman’s service to the downtrodden and the underprevilidge sections. It also promotes women empowerment and encourages the conservation of natural resources. The purpose of the Interact Club is to carry out meaningful service projects which benefit the community and encourage understanding of goodwill and empathy of society, nation and world affairs.