Picnics, Excursions and Outdoor games

The use of travelling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.”


Learning though recreation  is self-learning. We organise trips and day long picnics and excursions for the students’ enrichment. Picnics and excursions are days full of fun and frolic, The School excursion is an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it is an extension of the classroom. It is a direct source of knowledge for students and acquaints them with first hand information. It helps in the development of power of observation, exploration, and inculcation of values like tolerance. Inter-personal relationships  and empathy for others.


Virtual Tour was conducted to the Red Fort to help the students witness the celebrations of Independence Day celebrations.


Virtual Tour to the Seven wonders of the world was conducted to help the students acknowledge their beauty and importance.


Virtual Tour was conducted to Disneyland as a part of the Fantasy World Week  celebration to help the students witness the world of Fairies and their favourite special characters.


Virtual Tour was conducted to the Dolls Museum to help the students witness and acknowledge the world of dolls. They also acknowledged the different types of dolls and witnessed the dolls of different countries all over the world.