Indraprastha has made its presence felt not only on the national arena, but on the international level, too. We strongly advocate the fact that it is not the honour that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind, and at Indraprastha, we are constantly striving to create a rich legacy.


Indraprastha has been conferred with the coveted International School Award (ISA), by the British Council Division, since 2009.


Ours is the only school in the world to receive a Letter of Appreciation by none other than Her Highness, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, for the innovative practices that are our hallmarks.


At the 12th World Education Summit, 2018, Indraprastha was acknowledged as the ‘Digital Partner’.


The international partnerships that we foster with countries like UK, Japan, New Zealand etc, go a long way in giving our students the most sought after – international edge.