Interactive Skype sessions in Classroom with Partner Schools

The students of Indraprastha continuously interact with their partner schools in other parts of the world through Video Conferencing and gain wider perspectives.


To overcome the language barrier, under ISA project with Spin Field Elementary School ,UK . We have made a Hindi script for a play on ‘Anti-bullying’the partner school in French.Using Google translation ,we made an audio dictionary for Hindi into French for perfect pronunciation for our UK friends. Through Skype session, we coordinated for the successful implementation of the task.


Spin Field Elementary School ,UK also collaborated with us on the ‘World Peace Day’. Posters and presentations were exchanged by both the schools. Discussions on peace were held through Skype. 


Our Class V students had an amazing and interactive Skype session with Spinfiled Primary School, Marlow, U.K. Students from both the schools discussed ‘Diversity’and asked different questions on ‘Diversity’. We have exchanged Power-point presentations and posters with each other on the topic. It was a memorable and informative session.


During cultural exchange our school dance group has been given a chance to learn a new dance form New Brinswick High School, USA through Skype session and their uploaded videos. On the other hand, students of Indraprastha taught Indian Bhangra to USA students. Thereafter we exchanged the performance on Skype.


Skype is an awesome world-opener for education. It enables us all to bring in experts from anywhere on any subject to teach, inspire, and motivate our students. 


Mr. Moses from St. Augustine Kanduti School, Mbitini, Kenya, joined hands with Indraprastha,to discuss the story of independence of both the countries. We had a great Skype session and Sway presentations were exchanged virtually.


Ms. Mary Collins  from , Grammar Junior School, Nicosia , Central Europe, joined hands with Indraprastha to discuss the climate and environment of both the countries under the project A View from my Window through a Skype session with middle wing students.


Tóthné Bán Gyöngyi, Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary collaborated with Indraprastha under Musical Skpe-a-Thon.


Our school choir presented a melodious composition. The partner school students also sang a song. We shared our experiences of using various musical instruments in the Skepe-a-Thon session.


Generation Global


To reach beyond the boundaries Indraprastha has done many collaborative projects on skype under Generation Global. Some of the recent sessions are with Indonesia, Pakistan and with various schools in India to share views about cultural and social issues.


National Collaborations


Students of Classes X and XI have taken part in Skype session organized by Oracle Corporation, to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day .The motto of the session is to deliver insightful lectures on the latest technology trends in industry and link these back to career opportunities. For collaborative work and to extend the peer teaching we have used Skype as an interactive tool for the lessons with schools in all over India.


Using Skype in a classroom gives us the opportunity to spread the lesson across the boundaries and also overcome the problem of language to take the Peer Teaching beyond the boundaries, Class X students taught Kodu And Minecraft to class V and VI Students of DLF Public School, Ghaziabad, The Titan School, Hasur, Tamil Nadu and Choithram School, Indore on Skype. Successful demonstration of lesson using peer teaching and was appreciated by fellow teachers.