Alumni Connect

My dear children,

At Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we build life-long relationships. We build one such relationship with you, the day you entered into the hallowed portals of your alma mater. It gives us immense pleasure to continue and further strengthen our everlasting ties with you. We are sure that you are outshining in your respective educational or professional endeavours and are earning laurels for yourself, your parents and your alma mater.


You are our valued ambassadors and we look forward to a valuable and constructive association with each one of you. I am proud of the contribution of a lot of my dear students who have been continually giving back their valuable contributions to the school. I can name some of our distinguished alumni who are in touch with us like Sagarika VigAanisha BelurYaksh HandaMayank MohindraNovesh Garj and many more. Please rememberyour connection and contribution, greatly motivates the present generation of students to emulate you and carry forward the rich traditions and legacy established by you. Your guidance, support and inspiration is invaluable, for your younger team of Indraprastha students, who believe in you and who are following your footsteps to script a unique success story.


To connect with your alma mater and the AlumniAssociation, kindly fill the registration form given below. We will be pleased to hear from you and establish an active alumni association of  Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.


Looking forward to building a great future together.