Messages from Alumni


Indraprastha acted as a launch pad for me to make a successful career. It carved me into a competitive and knowledgeable indivisual ready to step into the professional world. The faculties identified my strengths and weaknesses and shaped my interests. I am forever thankful to my school for guiding me in the right direction.

Ashneet Singh, 2015

The exposure that IPIS gives plays the major role in shaping up the students. The kind of teachers they have are really amazing. Everyone is there to support you whenever you need them. Being the ex-Head Girl of IPIS, it has a major contribution in what I am today as an individual. 

Gargi Kedawat, 2014

It was great studying at Indraprastha. From the very beginning starting my schooling at Indraprastha from class prep and completing 12, Indraprastha helped me learn and become a great individual. 

Gunjan Dogra, 2016

Whatever I have achieved till now in my career, Indraprastha helped me to get to that first stepping stone. The faculty helped me with not just my academics but also preparing me for the obstacles ahead in life.

Ashutosh Sharma, 2015